Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wee Speech Summer 2014

We kicked off our summer program this year with a BEACH WEEK theme.  Each week, the children will start in our reading room for Circle Time.  We will go over the Month, Day of the Week, and the weather.

We have a friend named "Bob" that we "dress" for the weather.  

We then read a book and then pull items out of a surprise bag that go with our weekly theme.  This week we had seashells, a snorkel, goggles, a bucket, a shovel, and an umbrella.

This week, our book choices were:

While reading There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell, the kids got to put each item the old lady "ate" into an Old Lady (cereal box).  They loved this hands on activity.

After circle time, we move to the craft room.  While making crafts we work on speech and language goals. There were a few options for crafts this week.  A crab, a fish, a shell or an aquarium.

After craft time, we participated in beach themed games.  The kids got to choose between Let's Go Fishing, a sea animal puzzle or Beach Put-Put.

 During snack time, we had fish (goldfish) and chips, sailboat sandwiches, bait (gummy worms) and Ocean Water (blue juice).

It was a successful first week of summer program :)


Thursday, July 18, 2013


Summer camp has begun! (Back in June actually)  This summer, our kids are participating in a WORLD TRAVELERS unit.  Each week, we "travel" to a different country.  While we're there, we read a book and learn basic facts about each location, make a craft related to the country, and sample the different foods.  So far, we have learned about Mexico, Japan and China!  The kids are really enjoying the program so far.  I can't wait to share our pictures!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week

March 2nd will mark the 109th birthday of a wonderful author, Dr. Seuss.  This week, we are participating in the Dr. Seuss fun.

The kids have made birthday cards for Dr. Seuss and we have displayed them in our waiting room.

We are also making "All About Me" books.

We have so many fun activities planned for this week.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Best purchase ever..

This was probably the best purchase I have ever made...

Most of my boys beg to play Angry Birds on my iPad.  When I saw this at Wal-Mart I had to get it.  We have found so many ways to integrate articulation and language skills into the activity.  One of our kids loves it so much he went looking for it at Wal-Mart.  He came back the next week and said, "you have to get the Angry Birds:Space version!"  :)

Shutterfly deal!

I recently received an e-mail offer from Shutterfly for a FREE 8x8 picture book.  The regular price on one of these books is $24.99 so I could not pass up on the offer.  I decided to make a memory book about our summer camp to display in our waiting room.  You can create a custom layout or choose a premade layout.  The book has 20 color printed pages.  The only thing I had to pay for was shipping.  This was such a good deal.  I encourage you to sign up for Shutterfly e-mails.  They send out great offers at least once a week.

We are brainstorming ideas for new therapy themes!  We are SUPER excited about fall and Halloween.  Stay tuned!! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Catching up..

We have been super busy around Wee Speech Therapy.  I haven't gotten a chance to sit down and share what we have been doing in August.  We recently moved to a new building so we hosted an Open House for our parents and the clinicians in the area.  Guess what? I forgot to take pictures!  We had a great time and it was so great getting to meet the office managers from doctor's offices that we speak to on the phone regularly.

We continued with our weekly themes for the first two weeks in August before the kids went back to school.  For the first week, we learned about Superhero's and Princesses.  We encouraged the kids to come dressed as their favorite superheros or princesses.  Our therapist's even dressed as Fancy Nancy!
(But I was the only one who allowed my picture to be taken :) )

For crafts, the boys made their own superhero masks.  I found the template on Google images.  They colored the masks and added decorative jewels and stickers.

The girls made crowns from construction paper and streamers.

We found these crowns at Dollar Tree for the girls who didn't come dressed up.  We also called our local Burger King and got free birthday crowns for the boys.

It was a great week.  The kids especially enjoyed dressing up.  Here are some links to fun Princess and Superhero activities that I found over at Speech Room News.  Jenna is awesome and she has the greatest ideas!

Our last summer theme was Back to School!  We are so sad that summer is over and our kids are headed back to school!  We have had a great time with our summer program but we hope to continue with monthly themes soon. 

For Back to School week, I found this 'wh' question game board over at

This was great practice for our language kids.  We challenged the artic kids to find answers that used their target sounds. 

Dollar Tree is our favorite place to find therapy tools.  Miss Elizabeth found these huge dice for $1.  The kids absolutely love them.  We used the huge dice and chipper chat tokens as game pieces for this activity.

The kids started school this Monday.  We can't wait to hear all about their first week back!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Safari Week

Safari Week!

Our book of the week was "Rumblie in the Jungle".  Miss Kristin found a copy at the library that came with a whole bag of puppetts!

We transformed our treatment room into a jungle!  The kids love it, so we decided to leave it up for a while.

For crafts this week, the kids painted their own elephants to hang in the treatment room.  We found these cute aprons at the Dollar Tree.

They also made binoculars from toilet paper rolls and paper plate zebras!

Snacks for this week were animal themed.  We hand monkey (banana) sandwiches, Oreo dirt and grass (spinach leaves).