Monday, July 16, 2012

Under the Sea Week

One of our favorite themes we had planned for this summer was Under the Sea week.  We had a huge surprise for our kids that we knew they would love. 

Meet Hermie and Sheldon, mascot hermit crabs at Wee Speech Therapy.  The kids loved checking them out and helping Miss Elizabeth feed them their hermit crab food.

The older kids started each session reading "The Magic Schoolbus: On the Ocean Floor."  For the younger kids, we used a musical "Finding Nemo" book.

During craft time, we integrate language and articulation practice during conversational speech.  For our first craft, we made jellyfish using paper plates and streamers.  Some of the jellyfish looked more like octopus :)

For our second craft, the kids made jellyfish in a bottle.  We cut jellyfish out of plastic bags and placed them in bottles full of blue water.  Then, they could decorate the bottles with stickers.

Here's the link to the craft:  It wasn't perfect, but the kids loved playing with the water.

For the language kids, Chipper Chat: "WH" Questions has an ocean scene page.

We realized the first week of summer camp that our kids LOVE scavenger hunts.  Each week, we try to incorporate some sort of "hunt".  This week, the kids wore swimming goggles, and used sand buckets and shovels to search for pictures of fish with their target sounds on the back.

Our snack this week was probably my favorite of the whole summer.  How cool is this?  A hot dog octopus on a bed of green "seaweed." 

We had a blast this week and we hope that your kids did too!  Stay tuned, we started Summer Olympics week this morning!

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